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    • Wildfire Season

      The wildland fire season is upon us! Many of our residents live along the Wheat Ridge Clear Creek Greenbelt, which is considered an urban interface, where wildfire meets the city. To ensure that our firefighters are best prepared to help all of our citizens, the members of the Wheat Ridge Fire Department have begun their [...] Read more...

    • Edgewater Kitchen Fire

      In the early morning hours on March 16th, Wheat Ridge firefighters, along with automatic aid from Fairmount Fire and West Metro Fire, responded to a reported house fire. Initial reports from dispatch indicated that the homeowner stated a candle had overturned and started a table on fire and they believe the fire was out. Edgewater [...] Read more...

    • ISO Ratings to improve for Wheat Ridge and Edgewater

      Insurance Services Office (ISO) is a third party evaluator of community fire protection. The evaluation includes water supply, communications and the capabilities of the Fire Department. Scoring is based on a 1-10 scale with the lower the number being a greater overall capability.   The Wheat Ridge Fire Department improved their score from a 4 to [...] Read more...

    • Chicken OOPS!

      Recently, there has been a strong community movement within the City of Wheat Ridge, City of Edgewater, and the surrounding communities toward raising chickens as pets and for food. While both an ecologically and economically beneficial practice, it does pose new challenges for our local urban farmers as well as for the fire department. The [...] Read more...

    • 2012 Annual Report

      Wheat Ridge Fire Protection District releases its 2012 Annual Report. Click here to see it and other important documents Read more...

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    2015-04-27 13:50:02: 6155 W 42nd Ave Type:x6D-BPg:G-19-Units:WRE71,WRM71Radio:WM TAC2 Case #:04272015WR-00118

    2015-04-27 10:00:02: 10908 W 30th Pl Type:x26D-Pg:H-16-Units:WRM72,WRE71Radio:WM TAC2 Case #:04272015WR-00118

    2015-04-27 08:45:02: 2250 Eaton St Type:AlarmPg:I-19-Units:WRE73,WRM75Radio:WM TAC2 Case #:04272015WR-00117

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