Here ye’ Here ye’! Town Hall Meeting


All citizens in the Wheat Ridge Fire Protection District are invited to attend a town hall meeting…

  • Wheat Ridge Grange, 3850 High Ct. Wheat Ridge, Co
  • Saturday, May 30th, 2015
  • 9 am
  • Come learn about your fire department and all it’s happenings

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Wildfire Season

The wildland fire season is upon us! Many of our residents live along the Wheat Ridge Clear Creek Greenbelt, which is considered an urban interface, where wildfire meets the city. To ensure that our firefighters are best prepared to help all of our citizens, the members of the Wheat Ridge Fire Department have begun their annual wildland firefighting training. This year’s training includes joining forces with our neighboring fire department, West Metro, to further the skills and knowledge of the Wheat Ridge Firefighters.
While the fire department does not have any role in direct mitigation of the greenbelt or properties along the greenbelt, the fire department does recommend that property owners take actions to help make their property fire safe. For further information on how to make your property fire safe, visit, contact your insurance company, or call the Wheat Ridge Fire Department.


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Edgewater Kitchen Fire

Edgewater Fire Picture

In the early morning hours on March 16th, Wheat Ridge firefighters, along with automatic aid from Fairmount Fire and West Metro Fire, responded to a reported house fire. Initial reports from dispatch indicated that the homeowner stated a candle had overturned and started a table on fire and they believe the fire was out. Edgewater police advised that all occupants were out of the house and one individual had minor injuries.

Engine 73 arrived on scene and reported a working structure fire. Engine 73 pulled an attack line to the back side of the house, made entry, and made a quick interior attack.  Fire crews were able to rescue 2 cats from the house. Fire damage was limited to the kitchen and dining room.


Photo courtesy of Rick Luebke Photography

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ISO Ratings to improve for Wheat Ridge and Edgewater

Insurance Services Office (ISO) is a third party evaluator of community fire protection. The evaluation includes water supply, communications and the capabilities of the Fire Department. Scoring is based on a 1-10 scale with the lower the number being a greater overall capability.   The Wheat Ridge Fire Department improved their score from a 4 to a 2 in Wheat Ridge, Lakeside, Mountain View and a small portion of Lakewood. In Edgewater this reduction was from a 6 to a 2. The ISO Public Protection Classification is a tool utilized by a majority of insurance companies to aid in determining fire insurance rates for properties within the assessed jurisdiction.


This classification placed Wheat Ridge Fire Protection District in the 98th percentile nationwide.

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Chicken OOPS!

Recently, there has been a strong community movement within the City of Wheat Ridge, City of Edgewater, and the surrounding communities toward raising chickens as pets and for food. While both an ecologically and economically beneficial practice, it does pose new challenges for our local urban farmers as well as for the fire department. The freezing temperatures that we can sometimes experience during the winter months occasionally necessitates the need to heat chicken coops in order to keep our feathered friends warm and their water from freezing. However heating chicken coops can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. Within just a two week period in December, the Wheat Ridge Fire Department responded to three fires in chicken coops or similar animal outbuildings. These fires resulted in the death of eleven chickens and a property loss of nearly $60,000.

Most all bedding, insulation, and bird feathers are easily ignitable when in proximity to a heat source such as a space heater or heat lamp. If you determine your coop must be heated, please consult a knowledgeable and reputable dealer for heating accessories, such as coop specific radiant heat mats, that are safe to use with your chickens or other outdoor animals. If you intend to utilize electrical or gas heaters be sure to contact the City of Wheat Ridge Building Department for a list of licensed contractors and for any permits that may be necessary in order to ensure the work is conducted in a safe and appropriate manner.

Some additional tips from

  • Some chicken keepers swear by heating the coop during the harshest of winters. While there is a benefit to using a heater or lamp (supplemental light means more winter eggs), consider the safety risk. Heaters plus dry pine shavings or other bedding can quickly become a fire hazard unless properly or professionally installed. Also consider the possibility of power outages and a subsequent drop in temperature. Chickens cannot adapt to a sudden plunge in mercury, and it could spell disaster for your entire flock in one night.
  • As an alternative, you can allow your chickens to gradually acclimate to the cooler weather during autumn without heat. In the fall, check your coop’s roof to ensure it won’t leak during heavy snows. Protect your chickens from heavy drafts, but be certain there is adequate ventilation in their enclosure. Accumulated moisture during the cold months can lead to frostbite.
  • Finally, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of insulation in your coop. Your birds will roost together and create a good amount of heat on their own (the equivalent of 10 watts of heat per chicken). All you have to do is help the heat stay there.

Additional strategies to help you avoid heating your coop can be found at this link:

Please contact the Wheat Ridge Fire Protection District with questions or for additional information at 303-403-5900.

Download this information as PDF >>

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2012 Annual Report

Wheat Ridge Fire Protection District releases its 2012 Annual Report. Click here to see it and other important documents

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9News: Wheat Ridge Fire Department provides better access for teen

On Saturday, May 19, 2012, Wheat Ridge Fire Fighters donated their time and energy to assist a local family modify their home to allow wheelchair access for honorary Fire Chief Shawn Miller. Please click on the link below to view the 9 News story.

Watch the video at >>

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